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Take the first step to a good night sleep, and reclaim your energetic and healthy self.

About Us

Your more like family than a patient.

Since 2010, A Turning Leaf Home Medical has been focusing on providing a better nights rest to thousands of people who suffer from sleep apnea.

Since sleep loss is one of the top reasons people develop health problems. Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA for short, effects over 22 million Americans alone and prevents those people the much needed sleep their bodies need. Without the proper sleep you can develop high blood pressure, become easily prone to stress, you can develop diabetes, prone to hear attacks, stroke and many other mild to severe diseases that are costly financially, hard on relationships, and hard on your own happiness.

Anne Turner and her father started A Turning Leaf Home Medical Equipment with one goal in mind. To those who suffer from obstructive sleep apnea healthier and happier.

If you suffer from sleep apnea we can help. Our qualified certified therapists have the knowledge and experience to fit you with the right medical devices to enable to get rest you need. Once you are fitted with our specialty sleep apnea .

Anne Turner –¬†President & Owner

Anne Turner

Anne Turner – President

Known for her vision of what can be Anne provides leadership based on making  patients feel more like family than customers.

The president of A Turning Leaf Home Medical Equipment, LLC, since 2010, Ms. Turner has over 20 years of experience in the sleep field. She has an extensive knowledge of various sleep therapies through her experience and training as a registered respiratory therapist (RT) and registered polysomnographic technologist (RPT). In her present position, she oversees a team of local sleep therapist who provide provide patient consultations. Anne and her team work hand in hand with many physicians who are experts in sleep medicine and together with the right the medical equipment her company provides, such as CPAP (continuous positive airway) machines and therapy programs help patients that suffer from sleep apnea find the relief they so desperately need.

Ms. Anne along with her father, established her company after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. She often suffers from migraines and leg paralysis, but her passion for health and to relieve suffering drives her and her team forward. Her health has improved through treatment, and her team has continued to help many feel more like family than a patient. In addition to overseeing the company, Ms. Anne does public speaking to educate others about sleep apnea and other sleep-related issues.

Ms. Anne holds a Bachelor of Arts in anthropology from Linfield College and an associate of science from Mount Hood Community College. In addition to her degree, she is affiliated with numerous organizations related to her field, including the American Association of Sleep Technologists, American Association for Respiratory Care, The National Board for Respiratory Care, Inc., Oregon Multiple Sclerosis Society and Muscular Dystrophy Association.

From Our Family To Yours

randy and anne

“Because we are family owned, our team members have a close knit work environment with each other that is a lot of fun. We are all very supportive of work and education, in becoming better versions of ourselves for the individual team member as well as our patients.

The best part about working here is the strong relationships we build with our patients. Our patients are more of an extension of our ATL family, and we get to see the impact our service has on them as well as their family for the better.”



A Turning Leaf Home Medical LLC
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