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August: Anne’s thoughts on sleep

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Did you know that we spend a third of our life sleeping? Did you know that we need to spend this time sleeping to rejuvenate our body, minds and soul? Healthy Sleep is essential for maintaining good heath, just as healthy eating and proper exercise is important for our bodies to function as our Lord intended them to.

This is my 20th year working in Sleep and particularly helping people with their Sleep Apnea equipment. My passion for helping people sleep was kindled years ago when a lady came in to the sleep lab I was working in at that time. I was a new Sleep Technologist and the equipment was nothing like we have now, it was big and bulky and only a handful of uncomfortable masks to choose from, but the process was the same as today.  We treated the collapsed airways with positive air pressure until breathing and oxygenation was healthy again.  This particular lady I recall was extremely tired, falling asleep in her wheel chair and very grumpy. She had very little color in her cheeks, no desire to move, and no motivation to hold a conversation with me during the sleep study preparation. She moaned and groaned as I tried to get her to follow our protocols, stating “I will never fall asleep here as long as I live.” She was out within 3 min!! Her Sleep Apnea was very severe. She snored loudly, stopped breathing over 100 times an hour, and her oxygen dipped to deathly looking levels. I quickly put her on the CPAP machine, a large breathing machine at the time with nobs and a one size fits all mask!! Not quiet, but in those days we worked with what we had. I started the pressure on 5 cm and adjusted it up until the airway miraculously popped open and she went into the most beautiful dream pattern I had ever seen at that time!

See, when someone doesn’t get enough good sleep, the body will compensate and go into the stages of sleep the body needs when they are able to sleep again!! As a young technologist then I said to myself “wow, this really works”, and this is the day I fell in love with Sleep therapy.  The next day the lady awakened with a smile, color in her cheeks, chatting at me and said she had not had a dream in years!!

Today I often think of this special lady that kindled my love for this career in Sleep and pray she is still using her CPAP and doing well. I encourage everyone to take a special look at their own sleep and their loved ones, and realize what a blessing good healthy sleep is and to understanding that sleep is so important to our health.  There is help, special doctors and specialists, like myself, that help people with their CPAP equipment.  It is very important to get your equipment checked at least every 6 months for hygiene purposes and because the masks and machine’s need to periodically be replaced and to see your doctor once a year about your sleep prescription too.  Thank you, Anne Turner

Spring Cleaning Your CPAP with Anne Turner

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Hello all! This is Anne Turner with A Turning Leaf Home Medical Equipment. Spring time is finally here and while many people make a point to clean their homes, it is important not to forget about your CPAP equipment. While many CPAP patients’ make a point to clean their mask and tubing regularly, many times patients forget to clean the CPAP machine itself.

While you do not need to clean your CPAP machine as often as your mask and tubing, it is a good idea to clean the device from time to time. Since the CPAP draws air in from its surroundings, this causes it to become dusty much faster than other household items. Since the CPAP is used by your bedside, this accumulating dust can have an adverse effect on the health of you and your bed partner. Not to mention the fact that accumulating dust on the CPAP will cause filter’s to become dirty faster and could also potentially cause electrical problems for the unit.

But do not fear, because all of these undesirable consequences can be avoided simply by periodically making sure that your CPAP machine is free from dust and other germs that can accumulate. Here at A Turning Leaf Home Medical, we provide a CPAP device cleaning and inspection free of charge and we will teach you and yours simple and time saving methods to maximize the life of your sleep apnea machine and sleep apnea supplies. We encourage our patients along, with anyone who uses CPAP/BiLevel or any durable medical equipment that you may need help with to stop by one of our family owned and operated offices and allow our staff to make sure your device/equipment are clean and in working order. This includes a device cleaning by one of our board certified sleep therapists, a simple check to make sure your device is delivering the proper pressure, along with a chance for you to have any questions you may have about therapy answered. All free of charge!

We hope to see you soon and would love to help make sure that you are sleeping as best you can this spring!



Anne Turner, BA, RRT, RPSGT
President & Owner of A Turning Leaf Home Medical Equipment


A Turning Leaf turns to medical supply markets

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‘We didn’t push for this, but so many patients are requesting it’

By Theresa Flaherty, Managing Editor – 11.01.2011

LEBANON, Ore. – When provider Anne Turner added diabetes supplies to her product mix this summer she found a ready pool of customers: her CPAP patients.

“With awareness and the growth of obesity, diabetes and (sleep apnea), we feel we can touch more of the patient population by incorporating the two,” said Turner, president of A Turning Leaf.

A Turning Leaf celebrated its one-year-anniversary in September. The company has seven employees and Turner’s husband has been able to join as a full time employee.

The provider hired a diabetes coordinator to handle billing and educate patients. Some print and radio advertising, as well as word of mouth, has gotten the news out, said Turner.

“When I see a CPAP patient, I let them know we do diabetes supplies too,” said Turner. “Right now, we are getting two or three new patients a day.”

A Turning Leaf offers a full line of durable medical and mobility equipment through its two locations here and in Salem. Patients like the one-stop approach, said Turner, who also added incontinence supplies, something she never thought she’d do.

“We didn’t push for the incontinence, but so many patients are requesting it,” she said. “I know there isn’t big reimbursement but it puts us into some of the extended care centers and while we are doing that we can educate on sleep apnea as well.”

Despite the tough economy, Turner said they are doing more home visits and customer outreach. Looking back on her first, year, she has no regrets about getting into the business.

“We are having a lot of fun, and I enjoy what I do,” said Turner. “Things are good here on the West Coast.”