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Sleep Apnea and Justice Antonin Scalia

The unfortunate loss of a great man and an overlooked problem.

The consequence of sleep apnea that affects over 20 million Americans.

As our nation mourns the death of a great judicial leader we are again reminded that the link between death and sleep apnea is real and it is becoming ever more important to treat for it.

According to the Associated Press and many other recent news articles detailing of what Justice Scalia suffered from many significant medical conditions led to his death including obesity, diabetes, coronary artery disease among other ailments.

The attending physician for members of Congress, Rear Adm. Brian P. Monahan, wrote a letter listing more than half a dozen ailments, including sleep apnea. This along with many other studies and sources are showing that sleep apnea and not getting enough rest significantly shows how the human body becomes more susceptible to high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, weight gain, and many degenerative diseases that can be easily prevented with the proper sleep therapy. How many more years could we have had with Justice Scalia and many wonderful leaders, family members and friends who have such a impact in our lives with the proper treatment.

Some of the latest sources show that this is a huge problem for many people and out country. The cost is in tired eyes, many major long term health problems and around $16 billion dollars in the national health care bill. There are about 70 million Americans who suffer from sleep problems, and among those who do suffer about 60 percent have a chronic disorder. (Source National Institute of Health)

Another case in point is the early death of football star Reggie White. He was a rather young man (age 43)

Some common factors to determine if you have sleep apnea is neck circumference, excessive weight, being male (twice as likely than female), family history, having a narrow airway, use of alcohol, use of sedatives, smoking, and nasal congestion.

Treatment can include elimation of alcohol and sleep medications, weight loss, and a change in sleep position. Use of a CPAP/BIPAP machine which is the most common long term method, and is highly recommended by doctors. Sometimes surgery has been used to correct defects in respiratory tracts. Surgical is typically left for the most sever of apnea when there is an apparent abnormality and failure of CPAP.

How much money can we save on high blood pressure medications, energy stimulants, and other medications used to treat the effects of sleep apnea? If you are being affected by sleep apnea, how much more energy will you have through out the day? How easier with the energy from a restful nights sleep would someone be able to lose weight? Most importantly, how much longer will you live by an easy to do treatment for sleep apnea, what else could you do with added years to your life? The possibilities are endless.

Sleep apnea is real. It is a problem for not only the person suffering from it but for their family as well. The solution is simple, take time to educate yourself. Go to a qualified sleep doctor, and use the experts in CPAP/BIPAP sleep therapy and enjoy the rewards.

Learn now and live a long and energetic life.


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